Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Solomon Koonce was born a slave around 1826 and died in 1928.  Yesterday, his granddaughter Alma Koonce's funeral was held in St. Louis. That is not a typo. I found this astounding and remarkable.

Alma was the granddaughter of the oldest ancestor I can document on my maternal grandmother's side. Her father was Mose Koonce born in 1865 to Solomon and Amy, my great great great grandmother. Alma was 100 years old. I got to meet her and talk with her at the family reunions. She continued her grandfather's legacy of love for his family. She will be missed.


StL. Gifted Teacher said...

Hello Jennifer,
I found your blog and read of your account of Aunt "Gert" Alma's passing. I have photos taken at her 100th birthday party, and can email or text them to you if you wish. My husband and I, from St. Louis, attended the 2009 Koonce reunion in Tennessee, and would like to know when the next reunion will be? I am a grand-daughter of William Koonce, who is the son of Moses and Joe Eddie Drake, and is the grandson of Solomon and Amy Koonce. Aunt Gert shared a great amount of family lineage with me in the past years. I've organized it more since we met in Tennessee, but I haven't figured out how to easily digitize it. I'd like to share it with the family so it can be updated as new family members enter the world. Until then, I hope to get it updated and printed. If you have suggestions, let me know, and please remember to let me know where to send Aunt Gert's photos. Take care. Love Always.
Your Cousin,
Gloria Jeanetta(Koonce)Hardrict-Ewing

Jennifer said...

Hi, cuz! I remember you well from the family reunion. The next one will be in Tennessee during the Labor Day weekend. I don't know any other details except Carolyn Nance is in charge. I would love the photos. Send me your email and I will respond privately.

Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer
I first want to thank you for this. Gert was g-g-g-g aunt. My great grandmother was earnsteen Brady. Aunt gert sister pimp(can’t think of her real name) is still alive. Aunt gert played a big part in raising me. My mother Lynn Brady took care of her up until she had to be put in a nursing home and passed. I have a few pictures of aunt gert and aunt pimp. I can email them over to you.

Jennifer said...

You are very welcome. I was glad I go to know her and talke with her. I would love to see your photos and learn of any of your stories. Post your email. I will not publish it but I will email you back with mine.

Jennifer said...

Forgive my typos.