Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fun with DNA

I have been skeptical and more than a little paranoid about DNA testing. I wasn't willing to give up my spit if the answers from the database were skewed by too small a sampling. Then out of the blue my maternal uncle took the test. I didn't even know he was that interested. My aunt said  he was trying to keep up with me. Well, he one upped me when he got his DNA tested.

His results fascinated me. His DNA was 68% African, 30% European. The breakdown is as follows:
Cameroon/Congo 21%                                                                      
Benin/Togo 17%                                                                                 
Mali 9%                                                                                                 
Ivory Coast/Ghana 8%                                                                       
Senegal 4%                                                                                           
Nigeria 2%                                                                                            
Africa North 1%
Africa Southeastern Bantu 5% and a little Africa South-Central Hunter-Gatherers
        Ireland 17%
       Great Britain 5%
       European trace regions 8% including Scandinavian and Iberian penisula
       Amerindian  less than 1%
       Asia Central less than 1%
Okay. Now I'm curious. What do we share? So I took the Ancestry DNA test. My results were similar but different. My DNA was 71% African and 27% European. The breakdown for me is as follows:
        Cameroon/Congo  5%
        Benin/Togo 10%
        Mali 3%
        Ivory Coast/Ghana 10%
        Africa Southeastern Bantu 14%
        Senegal 5%
        Nigeria  26%
        Africa South-Central Hunter-Gatherers   1%
        Ireland 19%
        Great Britain 6%
        West Europe 2%
        Amerindian  less than 1%
        Asia Central 1%

Lots of numbers and regions but what do they mean and how can they help me figure out my ancestors? Now "the game's afoot." This has renewed my enthusiasm. I want to know more. 

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