Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Once More With Feeling Again

I've been very bad at keeping up any blog lately. I am still researching every week. I still have the passion and the disappointments. It just seems that writing about it has become less of a priority.

At the beginning of every year I vow to write more and then the writing peters off. Sometimes it peters off because I'm doing rather than contemplating. I think this is a good thing. Sometimes I just don't write because I have nothing new to report.

So this year I will begin again. I will try again. The purpose for the blog has always been two-fold: to chronicle my research for myself and to help others who are interested in genealogy. Maybe if I keep those reasons uppermost in my mind, I won't slough off.

Here goes.


Unknown said...

Same thing happened to me beginning of 2014, lots of posts, then nothing. I got to the point where I was researching more for posts than my own research. I've started better this year, only posting when my research warrants it. Best of luck!

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Cody. And best of luck to you, too!