Monday, January 14, 2013

Once More with Feeling

It's been nearly a year since I blogged here. My genealogical research has been pretty much nonexistent. I did go to a conference in Salt Lake City but it gave me little actual time for researching. Yes, I went back to Nashville too, briefly, too briefly. I have found tidbits online but really nothing new. However, I never gave up the search for more information. That is why I am planning a trip to D.C. very soon to look at some civil war pension applications.

As I was checking the site to plan my trip, I found out that all civil war pension applications are not available due to "reboxing." For a few minutes I was struck with disappointment. I had planned on going to the inauguration and staying to research. Well, the inauguration trip is a bust due to a lack of people signing up for my chosen charter but I still wanted to go after all the hoopla and prices goes down.

After checking with my online genealogy group, I called NARA. I was informed that one and possibly the other application is still available to the public. I was asked what military unit they belonged to. I don't why I never noticed before but they both belong to the same two units. These two men are not related. One could be my great great grandfather on my father's mother's side. The other may be the husband of my great grandfather's (on my father's father's side) sister. One thing is sure, they had to know each other. And I find that very exciting, exciting enough to get my genealogical juices going again, exciting enough to get me to blog. So that's a good thing.

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Liv said...

Glad to know your genealogy juices are flowing once again! I also understand (according to today is your blog's anniversary. So Happy Blogivesary to you!