Saturday, February 21, 2009

Getting back in the genealogy saddle

Well those New Year's resolutions didn't last long.
I'll try to rectify that now.
Blogging and genealogy is a full-time hobby. The rewards are rarely monetary. If I could marry the hobby to my job, I would be a happy woman. Until then I will do this in spurts and starts; do the happy dance when I unearth new information; take dozens of aspirins for all my brick-wall headaches; and never ever give up this labor of love.


Becky Thompson said...

Hi Jennifer! I'm looking forward to reading more! If you'll put the "Follow Me" gadget in your side bar I can be a follower and I'll get your updates in my dashboard! That's helpful!

Becky Jamison

Thomas MacEntee said...

Hey Jennifer

Great blog! I've mentioned your blog over at our Geneablogger's group:

Come check us out and meet some other fantastic people who blog about genealogy! Here' is the link to the Geneabloggers Welcome Wagon: http://http//


Thomas MacEntee