Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Paper Trail--One Down--Thousands to Go

Here it is. Click to enlarge.


Miriam Robbins said...

I looked up how much $531 dollars would be worth in today's money on the Inflation Calendar, and it comes to $10,218.58.

As you can imagine, this both repulses and fascinates me. As a genealogist, I am thrilled for you that you found this document. As a mother, I am horrified to think of a child, young man, human being, being sold to another for money, greed, gain.

Anonymous said...

I never thought about the monetary value placed on his life.

As a mother and also remembering my husband, I am also horrified to think how easily families were torn apart all in the name of money. The fact that slavery was once accepted by so many people in this country makes me wonder how people will view some of the things we take for granted 100 years from now.

Anonymous said...


It's quite horrifying by our modern standards, but genealogy-wise, what an awesome find. I have to say, it's Alex Haley that inspired me to trace my roots, and I am not African-American. I think it's amazing that you can find documents such as this to help you in your search, as unbelievable as it sounds to you and me (and hopefully many others of this day and age) that a price was paid for his life. Good luck in your search! I think it's fascinating and I hope you find more.


Jennifer said...

Thank you Donna for your encouragement. Happy Trails to you too!